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Registration is now open! If you are a teacher and this is your first time registering with IPhCO, click Register. But first, please read the document on the side.

Note:   If you have any problems, you can also Register HERE.

More Information

And for more information about the Olympics and deadlines, please,  see the IPhCO 2021 Invitation Letter and Poster.

Important Dates

  • Registration starts: June 11th.

  • End of registration:  October 19th.

  • First day of the Olympics: October 20th (opening of the 1st Portal - Question 1).

  • Last day of the Olympics: November 6th (opening of the 10th Portal - Question 10).


Week 1: October 20th to 22nd.

Week 2: October 27th to 29th

Week 3: November 3rd to 6th

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