International Physics &

Culture Olympiad 





Ask your teacher to register your school ! Come with us to walk the world. Join the International Physics and Culture Olympiad 2020 ! 

Open the First Portal

Start your journey: open the 1st Portal on November 4th this year!

Postcards & Stamps Collection

Every week, by solving problems, you have a chance to win a postcard. This year, we will have a two week journey with 7 Questions being released in total. Click on the image to see the 2020 Special Edition,  2019 and 2018 postcards and stamps Collection. 

Google Street View

To take our students to interesting places we are mapping the interior of museums in Curitiba and surroundings. Thanks to Google's support we will be able to fulfill some dreams! You can map your favorite places, too. By including them on GOOGLE Maps you make it easier for people to access these places. Download the GOOGLE Street View app and start shooting!

A Portal to Your City !

Be a part of IPhCO, share what you love most!  Send us the story you want others to know about your city. Every year one story will be selected to be part of an IPhCO Question and will be the theme of the third postcard – golden key.  

IPhCO–Beta 2016

In June, 2016, the IPhCO BETA version was launched. High school students taking part were from the Federal Institute of Parana–Curitiba and the Federal University of Technology-Paraná. Read the comments about this first version of the Olympiad here.

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João Negrão, 1285 - Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil